The characteristics of an entrepreneur

Gawlak-600x600From the observation of the current market economy model in Poland and the reading of the regulations governing the basis of economic activity, several traits of entrepreneurs can be derived. The following article will focus on these characteristics.

Running business in your own name

The basis is that the entrepreneur must conduct business activity on their own behalf. In practice it equates to running business on their own, but that does not mean that the entrepreneur should do it alone and in person. Entrepreneurs can hire employees.

Organizing the activity

The entrepreneur should prepare the proper structure to enable them to run their business but also to manage and supervise it properly.

Business continuity

This feature should be understood as repetition and regularity of activities, even if there are breaks. This is what happens with seasonal activities. It is important, however, that the activity is not of an occasional or a one-time nature.

Business profitability

It is, in fact, the most important feature of economic activity. The activity is supposed to ensure the maintenance of the entrepreneur and their family, and thus give them earnings. This is not, of course, synonymous with the continuous generating of profits – losses can happen to anyone.


The entrepreneur should be professionally prepared for the given type of activity – mostly because it ensures the safety and security of their contractors.


Author of the text: Patryk Szulc
Translate: Beata Wiśniewska