Representative office in Poland. General information on the representative office of a foreign company in Poland

Representative office in Poland. General information on the representative office of a foreign company in Poland
Jakub Chajdas

Jakub Chajdas

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An entrepreneur who wants to start a business in Poland may consider several legal forms. Besides starting a subsidiary or a branch, he can establish a representative office. What is a representative office in Poland? What is the scope of its activities? How to register it? This article will answer these questions.

What is a representative office in Poland?

Similarly to a branch, the representative office has no legal personality. It represents a part of foreign enterprise. The foreign entrepreneur is responsible for the liabilities of the representative office. The scope of activity of the representative office is very limited. It may only operate in the field of advertising and promotion of a foreign entrepreneur.

Who can start a representative office in Poland?

Every foreign entrepreneur may establish a representative office in Poland. Even the ones from outside the EU. This distinguishes a representative office from a branch. Entities from outside the European Union do not need to prove the reciprocity principle.

Foreign persons operating under the law of their country can also start a representative office. This form of business is not dedicated to enterprises only. There are limitations to the actions undertaken by such a representative office. They must focus on promoting and advertising the economy of their country of origin.

How to establish a representative office in Poland?

Formalities connected with opening a representative office in Poland.

To open a representative office in Poland a foreign entrepreneur must:

  1. adopt an appropriate decision. It can be in a form of e.g. a resolution of the competent corporate body, such as the management board;
  2. submit the application for entry into the Register of Representative Offices.
  3. appoint a person authorized to represent foreign entrepreneur in the representative office;
  4. have an address located in Poland. It is necessary to have legal title to the indicated address (e.g. rental agreement). There is no obligation to submit this document together with the application.

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Application for entry into the Register of Representative Offices – attachments

The applicant must enclose official authorised copies of some documents. This applies to documents from the country of registration of the foreign entrepreneur. They must confirm:

  1. performing a business activity in the country of registration and the scope of its operations;
  2. address of the foreign entrepreneur’s seat in the country of registration;
  3. rules of the foreign entrepreneur’s representation, as well as appointed representatives.

Additionally, one should enclose the following documents to the application:

  1. a document confirming the appointment of a representative and his personal data. It can be in a form of a resolution of the company’s governing body. Required personal data include: name, surname, date of birth, names of parents and ID number;
  2. representative’s declaration of accepting the function.

Entry into the Register of Representative Offices – include translation of the documents

You must submit the application and the attachments together with the certified translation. A sworn translator must be from Poland or another EU member country. 

A foreign entrepreneur may operate in a country that is a party to the Hague Convention of the 5th of October 1961. In such a case, the abovementioned documents must have an apostille clause. Most countries from Asia and all countries from Europe and the Americas belong to Hague Convention. If an entrepreneur comes from a different country, he has one more obligation. He must first legalize the documents to use them in Poland. It can be done by authorities of the country of registration, the Polish embassy or the consulate.

Payment for entry into the Register of Representative Offices

The application for entry into the Register is subject to a fee in the amount of 1000 PLN.

What entity maintains the Register of Representative Offices?

Unlike other legal entities, representative offices are not included in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register. They have a separate register.

The entry is valid for a period of 2 years. A foreign entrepreneur may submit another application within the last 90 days of the entry’s validity. This way, one can prolong the entry for another 2 years.

The register of the representative offices is public. It is available, e.g. on the government website.

Operations of the representative office – basic aspects

The representative office in Poland must, e.g. :

  1. use the original name of the foreign enterprise with the phrase “przedstawicielstwo w Polsce” [eng. representative office in Poland],
  2. keep separate books in Polish, according to the accounting regulations
  3. notify about any changes of data entered into the register within 14 days.

Remember that Polish public authorities may remove the representative office from the register. This can happen if:

  1. foreign entrepreneur violates Polish law;
  2. representative office has no legal title to the property indicated in the Register;
  3. the foreign enterprise (parent company) has been liquidated.

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As you can see, the representative office has one goal. The objective is to promote the parent company. It is not a direct form of running a business in Poland. Yet, it can be helpful for companies operating internationally. Especially for the ones that need to promote their brand in Poland.

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