Corporate department

Collective and individual redundancies

Contrary to what might seem, there are numerous factors that force the employers to terminate the employment relationships with their employees regardless of the fact that these factors do not concern the latter directly. The reasons behind this are of economic nature in most cases. The question whether collective or individual redundancy is more profitable, depending on the anticipated number of redundancies, is worth consideration.

Collective redundancies

In consideration of the financial situation of many companies, CGO Legal law firm renders consulting services regarding procedures of collective redundancies and outplacements to entrepreneurs employing over 20 employees. We instruct the employers on how to arrange the process of redundancy and remind of the consultation duties. We indicate the exceptions from collective redundancies and eventually we prepare the redundancy schedule.  Our Clients can count on full support at each subsequent stage of the process.

Individual redundancies

If an employer who employs no less than 20 employees intends to dismiss fewer than 10 employees within the period not exceeding 30 days our law firm shall assist the employer with drafting the notice of dismissal in an adequate manner – in keeping with the provisions of the Act on Collective Redundancies. In case of dismissing Presidents and Members of the Management Board of companies our services will include the analysis and appropriate application of both labour and corporate law.

Should you have any questions regarding collective and individual redundancies please do not hesitate to contact us.