Corporate department

Employee-related matters

Employee-related matters are not limited to those emerging from employment relationships (based on  employment agreements). They also pertain to other issues linked to labour law or even to ongoing consulting (e.g. in due keeping employee records). It is worth keeping in mind, that employee-related matters also include those emerging from civil law relationships – based on contracts for a specific work or mandate contracts.

Verification of employment agreements

Appropriate wording of an employment agreement is crucial for precise determination of mutual obligations of the parties in employment relationship. An employment agreement that is found non-compliant with the provisions of labour law may entail the employer being held liable for damages to the benefit of the employee, be deemed offence or even crime. Therefore, for your convenience we draft employment agreements, including agreements for members of managing boards of companies. We also verify the already concluded agreement and prepare the documents required for a valid conclusion of an employment relationship.

Analysis of permittance of concluding mandate contracts and contracts for a specific work

In some cases it is to the mutual benefit of the employer and the employee to conclude a civil law contract instead of an employment agreement. Taking into due consideration the rigors imposed by the Labour Code, we will assess if a civil law contract is permissible in a specific case. Then if it is – what should its wording be like.

Collective labour law

To those Clients who run companies employing a large number of employees we offer professional assistance. This covers drafting internal work rules, remuneration rules, Employee Benefit Fund rules and other internal sources of labour law.

Ongoing consulting services

Upon request of our Clients we assist in proper keeping employee records. Moreover we conduct analysis of observance of provisions of law in companies. We also prepare employment documentation for the purposes of auditing run by the National Labour Inspectorate (Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy). Finally we support the realization of the post-audit recommendations made by the Inspectorate.

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