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Intangible property rights

Intangible property rights encompass distinctive designations of entrepreneurs and copyrights. CGO Legal law firm supports Clients with registration of designations and with protection of the rights they thereby acquire.

Protection of distinctive designations of entrepreneurs

Building a strong brand in the market requires heavy expenditures. Therefore, those entrepreneurs who have fallen victim of illegal exploitation of their distinctive designations may be interested in our offer of comprehensive protection from such infringements. These include mainly unlicensed use of the business name of a company, of trademarks (both registered and unregistered) or company’s designations.


Business activity should be conducted with due respect to copyrights other persons are entitled to. Upon our Clients’ request, we advise on how to formulate agreements concluded with contractors commissioned to design any creative works such as websites, data analyses, software, trademarks etc., to secure our Clients from any potential claims arising from infringement of copyrights. Our Clients who are employers will find interesting our consulting services. These regard the most efficient methods of formulating employment agreements also contracts for a specific work or mandate contracts. The goal here is to ensure that the applicable solutions are optimally advantageous in the view of the tax law. Moreover, they also have to be most secure in the view of the civil law.

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