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Legal opinions

Legal opinions are elaborated and drafted when our Clients encounter a specific legal issue for which they seek an optimal solution. Usually, they wish to determine whether they are entitled to a particular right or encumbered with a specific duty. Therefore, legal opinions predominantly pertain to individually specified case.

To fundamental step in drafting a legal opinion is determining the factual background. We are able to seek adequate legal bases for a given problem only once the factual circumstances are determined. The next stage consists in offering potential solutions to the problem. It should be remarked that referring to judicial practice is of prime importance. It allows for determining the most adequate interpretation of provisions with respect to an individual case.

Legal opinions, due to their complexity, ought to be drafted by experienced lawyers who should be capable of suggesting a number of different solutions, potentially applicable, while backing them up by appropriate provisions of law as well as other sources.

CGO Legal law firm gathers a team of highly qualified lawyers with extensive experience in preparing legal opinions. Our service covers all the needed elements – from determining the factual background and the legal status to designing and recommending specific solutions.

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