Corporate department

Ongoing consulting services

Ongoing consulting services essentially consists in providing Clients with assistance and advice on current issues or doubts of legal nature. The scope of problems we have supported our Clients with is considerable. We are also flexible. Our help may be provided through different channels, depending on our Clients convenience. We can either arrange a face-to-face meeting, talk on the phone, or exchange information via email.

The service pointed out above mostly concerns functioning of companies, partnerships or sole proprietorship. In consequence, we deal mainly with resolving doubts regarding the interpretation of provisions of the Act on Freedom of Economic Activity of 2004, or the Code of Commercial Partnerships and Companies.

We also provide ongoing advisory on tax issues, as well as broadly-taken employment issues. The latter includes not only clarifying the interpretation of the provisions of the Labor Code or the Civil Code (in reference to specific work contracts or mandate contracts), but also it embraces more practical aspects, such as assistance in keeping employee records and in preparing employment documents for the purposes of the National Labor Inspectorate auditing.

CGO Legal law firm renders ongoing consulting services in all the areas discussed above. To obtain more details please do contact us.