Corporate department

Starting up a business

We advise our Clients, who are interested in starting up a company, on the most suitable and advantageous legal form for their business activity. In doing so, we take into consideration the potential application of intelligent tax solutions, employment costs optimization as well as the economic security of the given enterprise.

We also draft deeds of association and partnership agreements. If necessary, we accompany the Client during visits at the notary office. Finally, we assist in registering:

  • Registered partnerships
  • Limited partnerships
  • Professional partnerships
  • Limited joint-stock partnerships
  • Limited liability companies
  • Joint-stock companies

Our offer also includes drafting civil law partnership agreements and registering sole proprietorships. Beginner entrepreneurs may be well interested in the services we provide through the agency or an accounting firm we cooperate with – running a virtual office and accounting services such as book-keeping.

The following tasks also fall within the scope of the services we offer:

  • Setting up branches or representative offices
  • Preparing drafts of deeds od association and partnership agreements
  • Cooperation with notaries
  • Registration of companies / partnerships / branches / representative offices
  • Keeping records of companies/partnerships
  • Consulting services regarding compliance with binding provisions of law, including management reports, annual financial statements, resolutions of partners.

If You want to learn more about starting up a business, please contact us.