Immigration department

Confirmation of Polish citizenship

In line with the right of blood (ius sanguinis), the primary way of acquiring Polish citizenship is by birth to parents of whom at least one is a Polish citizen. Regardless of whether the birth took place in the territory of the Republic of Poland or abroad, the child acquires the Polish citizenship by virtue of law.

It is important to remember that so far there have been four consecutive acts on citizenship in the Polish legal system. When examining whether or not an individual has Polish citizenship it is often necessary to employ each of the four acts simultaneously, as the determining act is the one that was in force at the time of birth of the applicant or their descendant.

In the light of the foregoing, the institution of confirmation of Polish citizenship is mainly addressed to those individuals, whose antecedents (for example parents or grandparents) were Polish citizens. The confirmation of Polish citizenship is conducted through proving the continuity of Polish citizenship of antecedents of the applicant. Therefore, the key issue in this process is to collect the appropriate documentation and already at this stage it is highly advisable to use the services of our law firm.

A detailed recommendation as to which documents are effective in this procedure will save you a lot of time, as requesting civil status documents and/or certificates, often issued back in the early 20th century, entails many months of waiting. The adequate preparation of the documentation not only contributes to the correct examination of the factual background and thereby to determination whether or not we are entitled to apply for the confirmation, but it also prevents the procedure from getting suspended.

Even if the collected documentation indicates that the antecedents of the applicant had lost the citizenship, the attempts at acquiring Polish citizenship do not have to be abandoned, since the Polish law provides for an institution of restoring Polish citizenship – more details to be found in the next tab of the Immigration Department.

Apart from assisting in gathering the necessary documentation and examining the prerequisites for submitting the applications confirmation of Polish Citizenship, CGO law firm prepares and submits them. Additionally, we represent the applicant in the administrative proceedings starting from preparation and submission of the application to relevant voivode and ending with the last appeal instance of court and administrative proceedings.