Immigration department

Highly qualified employment

Temporary stay permits for the purposes of highly qualified employment are granted to foreigners who stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland with the aim of practicing a profession that requires high qualifications and provided that the following prerequisites are met.

First of all, the foreigner must have concluded an employment contract, a tolling agreement or a civil law contract by virtue of which they perform work, provide services or remain in service relationship. The duration of the foregoing should be no less than 1 year.  Secondly, the foreigner must meet the qualification requirements as well as other conditions in case he or she were to practice a regulated profession as defined in article 2 point 1 of Act on Requirements for Recognition of Professional Qualifications. The foreigner must also have higher professional skills.

Like in most of other bases, the foreigner must hold health insurance as defined in the Act on Publicly Funded Healthcare Benefits of August 27 2004 or a confirmation of covering the costs of medical treatment in the territory of Poland issued by the insurer.

If pursuant to separate provisions taking up a given post should require having been granted an explicit permission from a competent authority, such document must be obtained.

Additionally, the entity that commissions the foreigner to perform the aforementioned work must prove that it was not achievable to satisfy its staffing needs within the local labor market. To that end, a relevant certificate needs to be obtained from the Poviat Staroste.

I should be also pointed out, that the gross remuneration (on yearly or monthly basis) stipulated in the employment agreement attached to the application should be no less than minimum remuneration stipulated in separate provisions.

Apart from assisting in gathering the necessary documentation and examining the prerequisites for submitting the applications, CGO law firm prepares and submits them.  Additionally, we represent the applicant in the administrative proceedings starting from preparation and submission of the application to relevant voivode and ending with the last appeal instance of court and administrative proceedings.