Immigration department

Legalization of residence of foreigners

The first prerequisite for legalization of residence of a foreigner in Poland is his or her entering the Polish territory legally.

Terms and conditions of entering, staying, travelling through and leaving the Polish territory by foreigners, as well as the formal proceedings in these cases, are stipulated by the Foreigners Act of December 12 2013 (Journal of Laws, 2014, No.463, item 1004). Each and every foreigner, when crossing the Polish border, is obliged to carry a valid travel document. Citizens of countries listed in the Council Regulation (EC) No. 539/2001 of March 15 2001 are also carry a visa.

Foreigners, who crossed the Polish border by virtue of the visa-free travel regime and who are intending to prolong their stay in Poland over three months, should apply for a temporary stay permit. The application can be submitted in person or by proxy, on the last day of legal stay in Poland at the latest.

The application should indicate the aim of staying in Poland over 3 months. Below are the example bases for applying for a temporary stay permit:

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of potential bases. The temporary stay permit can be applied for on account of other circumstances as well.

Apart from examining the prerequisites for legalizing a foreigner’s residence in Poland, CGO law firm prepares and submits applications for the abovementioned permits. Individuals who already know on what basis they would apply for these permits can find more detailed information in the appropriate tabs of the Immigration Department section. Additionally, we represent the applicants at all stages of the proceedings and assist with acquiring necessary documentation.