Immigration department


Naturalization is one of forms of acquiring the Polish citizenship by virtue of an individual legal act (an act directed at a specific entity in a specific case). This institution should be distinguished from acquiring the Polish citizenship by virtue of law (automatically) and from recognition as a Polish citizen. Neither is the institution destined for foreigners who had lost the Polish citizenship.

Those individuals are entitled to apply for restitution of the citizenship with the use of proceedings other than naturalization. Additionally, the Act of April 2 2009 (Journal of Laws as of February 14 2012, No.161) provides for a separate procedure of confirmation of Polish citizenship or of loss of Polish citizenship. More detailed information regarding these institutions can be found in in the appropriate tabs of the Immigration Department section.

Pursuant to article 137 of the Polish Constitution, the Polish citizenship is bestowed by the President of the Republic of Poland. The procedure is initiated upon request of the applicant.

The application can be submitted through the agency of the voivode, of the consul, personally or by correspondence with a officially certified signature. The application should include the personal details of the applicant, of their family members as well as the information necessary for determining the factual background and the legal status. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the application the information on the applicant’s parents, further ascendants as well as other details regarding the applicant’s possession of the Polish citizenship. On top of that, the following information should be included: the source of income, professional achievements, political and social activity and, last but not least, the command of the Polish language.

Apart from examining the prerequisites for applying for Polish citizenship, CGO law firm prepares and submits these applications. Additionally, we represent the applicants at all stages of the proceedings and assist with acquiring necessary documentation.