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Registration of foreign certificates of personal status

Registration of foreign certificates of personal status, also referred to as transcription, consists in making an appropriate entry in civil registry office registers pertaining to a life event that occurred outside the territory of the Republic of Poland – e.g. birth of a child or death.

In principle, this procedure is not obligatory, but there are exceptions that require registration of such certificate. For example when an individual without PESEL (Polish Citizen Identification Number) applies for Polish passport abroad he or she must present the Polish birth certificate. Likewise, when applying for passport due to each change of the last name entailed by entering into matrimony abroad it is necessary to present the Polish matrimony certificate.

It has to be underlined that the appropriate entry in civil registry office registers must be made in the civil registry office territorially competent with respect to the last place of residence in Poland of the individual concerned. If the individual has never lived in Poland before, the registration is conducted by the Warszawa-Śródmieście Civil Registry Office.

The application for transcription must include an explicit request for conducting the registration of a foreign certificate of personal status together with a request for issuing the Polish equivalent of the certificate and also the information on the former and present place of residence. The application can be submitted by the individual concerned themselves or by the appointed proxy. It can also be submitted through the agency of a consulate.

Our law firm provides comprehensive services in the field of registration of foreign certificates of personal status. We advise on the necessary documentation, prepare the applications and assist with formalities linked with submitting the applications to the Civil Registry Office.

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