Immigration department

Residence Card

The following documents can be issued upon request by a foreigner: residence card, Polish travel document for foreigners, Polish ID document for foreigners, document certifying tolerated residence permit.

The residence card listed above is issued to foreigners who have been granted permanent residence or temporary stay permits, EC long-term residence permits or in cases where a stay permit is granted due to humanitarian reasons. This document, when valid, confirms the identity of the foreigner during their stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland and entitles them, together with the travel document, to multiple border-crossing without the necessity of obtaining a visa. Above all else, it proves that the foreigner stays in the country legally.

Apart from examining the prerequisites for legalizing foreigner’s residence in Poland, CGO law firm prepares and submits applications for the abovementioned permits. Individuals who already know on what basis they would apply for these permits can find more detailed information in the appropriate tabs of the Immigration Department section. Additionally, we represent the applicants at all stages of the proceedings and assist with acquiring necessary documentation.

To those individuals who already own a residence card, we offer our services of assistance in updating, replacing and applying for a new one. We also provide support in the event of losing or damaging the card. Please bear in mind that it is the foreigner who is obliged to report a loss of the card or an update of the information it incorporates. This obligation has to be fulfilled in statutory form and time period.