Immigration department

Restoration of the Polish citizenship

Those foreigners who had lost the Polish citizenship prior to January 1 1999 can apply for its restoration on one of the bases enumerated in the provisions of law. Introduction of such regulation was a consequence of the turbulent course of the 20th century.

Numerous twists of history have led to a situation where a considerable number of our fellow Polish citizens had lost their Polish citizenship against their own will and against the nature of this right. The right of citizenship often becomes the subject of political manipulation, which was also the case in the turbulent history of Poland.

Three groups of bases for applying for restoration of the citizenship can be discerned. The first of which pertains to those, who lost their citizenship by virtue of article 11 or article 13 of the Citizenship of the Polish State Act of January 20 1920 (Journal of Laws. No 7, item. 44 later modified.).

Those are the individuals who lost their Polish citizenship through acquisition of foreign citizenship, or taking up a post in a public office or joining the military forces of a foreign state without the consent of the Polish Government. The second group is indicated in article 11 of the Polish Citizenship Act January 8 1951 (Journal of Laws. No 4, item 25). Those are the individuals who acquired foreign citizenship with the consent of the Polish authorities. The last group is provided for in article 13, 14 or 15 of the Polish Citizenship Act of February 15 1962 (Journal of Laws of 2000, No 28, item 353, later modified.). Mostly, it consists of those individuals who had renounced the Polish citizenship during the Polish People’s Republic time.

The Polish citizenship is restored to the aforementioned individuals upon their request. The Polish citizenship is not restored to those foreigners who voluntarily joined the military forces or took up a post in public office in one of the Axis countries or their allies in the period between September 1 1939 and May 8 1945. The Polish citizenship is neither restored to those individuals who acted to the detriment of Poland, especially its independence and sovereignty, or participated in violations of human rights. Additionally, this institution is not available for foreigners who pose a threat for the defense or security of the Polish state or to public safety and order.

Apart from assisting in gathering the necessary documentation and examining the prerequisites for submitting the applications for restoration of the Polish citizenship, CGO law firm prepares and submits these applications.  Additionally, we represent the applicant in all stages of the administrative proceedings starting from preparation and submission of the application to relevant voivode and ending with the last appeal instance of court and administrative proceedings.