Immigration department

Secondment of employees to Poland

Those entrepreneurs, who decide to second their employees to work outside the country of their registered office, are obliged to meet certain additional requirements. As in the case of an employment agency, the situation here is of dichotomous nature.

On one hand, there are foreign employers who second their employees to work in the Republic of Poland. If such employee is a foreigner – does not hold Polish citizenship – a necessity to apply for “Temporary stay permit for a foreigner seconded by a foreign employer to perform work in the Republic of Poland” emerges.

In order to apply for the permit mentioned above, it is necessary to meet a number of statutory requirements. First of all, the foreigner has to be granted a work permit in Poland, or be given a written employer’s declaration of the intention to employ them. This declaration can only be used in cases where a work permit is not obligatory. Apart from that, the foreigner has to hold appropriate health insurance and a stable source of regular income.

CGO law firm provides services that include determining whether or not the given foreigner meets the requirements indicated above. Additionally, we represent the applicant in the administrative proceedings starting from preparation and submission of the application and ending with the last appeal instance of court and administrative proceedings.

On the other hand, there are Polish entrepreneurs who second their employees to perform work abroad. To satisfy their needs we offer a wide range of ready-made solutions that have been designed and prepared basing on our rich experience in the field of international law as well as broad knowledge of local regulations of countries all over the world. On top of that, the extensive cooperation with our foreign partners allows us to present solutions that are not only compliant with legal regulations, but also suitable in respect of economic realities of a given country.