Immigration department

Setting up an employment agency

There are a considerable number of legal regulations determining various aspects of the business activity of the employment agencies providing services in the fields of professional counselling, recruiting temporary workers or simply labor intermediation. The foregoing becomes even more complicated when the potential worker either is a foreigner, or is to perform work abroad – hired by foreign employers.

Due to recent abrogation of the Foreigners Act of June 13 2003 (Journal of Laws of 2003 no 128 item 1175) and its substitution with the Foreigners Act of December 12 2013 (Journal of Laws, item 1650 and of 2014 item 463 and 1004) a number of facilitating solutions has been introduced, so far available for highly qualified employees exclusively. The demand for this development emerged as the consequence of implementing two EU directives into Polish legal order.

By means of this amendment, the entities conducting business activity in the fields of professional counselling, recruitment of temporary workers and labor intermediation have been granted a number of new opportunities. Yet, those employment agencies that wish to take advantage of these novelties are required to meet a few additional prerequisites.

Foreign employment agencies – intermediating in employing foreigners in Poland

To those agencies that are interested in intermediating in employment of foreigners in Poland we offer advice and assistance at each stage of this procedure – starting from recommending the most adequate basis for applying for temporary residence permits, and ending with representing the client at all stages of the formal proceedings. Thanks to our experience, gained throughout years of professional counselling, we are able to indicate areas where such cases are handled most swiftly. We also support the process of legalization of stay of individuals who have not found a potential employer yet.

Employment agencies – seconding the employees to work abroad

CGO law firm provides services including advice on the choice of legal form of business as well as assistance in making adequate entries in the official registers to those individuals who are determined to set up an employment agency. If you already are registered in the National Register of Employment Agencies you may be interested in our thorough legal counselling services.

First and foremost, we are well-versed in drafting framework cooperation agreements between agencies and between agencies and potential employers. In the light of the statutory obligation of concluding agreements between an employment agency and an employer or between an employment agency and an employee, we provide ready-made legal solutions that comprehensively cover all the aspects of such cooperation required by law.