Immigration department

Temporary stay and employment permits

The Foreigners Act of December 12 2013 provides for the institution of temporary stay and work permits. Such permits are granted to individuals who intend to stay in the territory of Poland with the aim of performing work.

The provisions clearly define the conditions that must be fulfilled by and individual who intends to apply for the temporary stay and work permit:

  • The foreigner must stay in Poland for the purpose of performing work
  • The foreigner is able to justify his or her stay in Poland for the period of time longer than 3 months.

The application for the permit is submitted personally to the voivode territorially competent with respect to the place of residence of the foreigner. The personal presence of the foreigner is obligatory due to the need of obtaining fingerprints from them.

The application should be appended with a set of documents explicitly listed in the adequate act. Among others they include 4 photos, photocopy of a valid travel document, certification of permanent place of residence etc. Additional information is not obligatory but it may expedite the whole procedure.

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