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Area development and planning issues

Area development and planning issues are relevant both for those who intend to erect a building on an already-owned plot of land and for those who only plan to purchase a property.

These issues are regulated by the Spatial Planning and Land Development Act of 27 March 2003. The most prominent provisions included therein are devoted to area development plans adopted by communes.

This plan provides for widely understood conditions of area development and land intended use. On top of that, it features information on the so-called public-purpose investments.

From the perspective of exercising the property ownership rights, the information featured by the plan is of vital relevance. Therefore, when intending to execute building works on a given plot of land it is necessary to obtain a decision on land development conditions issued by the commune. The foregoing also applies to purchasing a property.

CGO Legal law firm provides overall services concerning area development and planning issues – including examination of the legal and factual background of a property as well as obtaining adequate excerpts and decisions.

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