Conveyancing in Poland

Conveyancing in Poland

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Jakub Chajdas

Jakub Chajdas

Partner / Attorney-at-law

The process of purchasing a real estate in Poland at first sight is not complicated. However, taking into account all the legal and construction issues which may arise as consequence of the transaction, it seems to be quite tricky. The group of the most vulnerable investors ar surely foreigners not knowing the language and the reality of the Polish market. Our service of conveyancing in Poland is for those who would like to secure their interest in the most efficient manner. Buying a house in Poland is easier with our assistance.

Scope of our service of legal assistance in buying house in Poland

  • conducting full due diligence of the property in cooperation with relevant specialists, appraiser,
  • gathering documents concerning the real estate, such as a copy from the Land and Mortgage Register,
  • creating a comprehensive report on the basis of conducted audits;
  • reviewing / preparing the project of notarial deed transfering the ownership of the property
  • representing the client in the transaction
  • ownership/legal title to property,
  • third party contracts, possible claims arising therefrom, financial encumbrances (loans, mortgages, etc.),
  • technical condition of the building, documents related to the construction process,
  • zoning issues,
  • profitability of the investment.

You may need a permit to buy land in Poland

I. What should be in the form?

  1. Details of the property in question
  2. Information data of the vendor of the real estate
  3. Legal form, on the basis of which the real estate transaction will be carried out
  4. Purpose of real estate purchase
  5. Sources of funds for property acquisition
  6. Indicate whether the applicant is purchasing the real estate solely in his own name or for joint property with his spouse
  7. Indication of whether the applicant already owns other real estate

There is no uniform template for the application for a permit, the basis is the law specifying the documents required for consideration by the authorities and the issuance of a decision.

II. What documents should you attach to the form?

  1. Documents confirming ties to Poland and legal residence (e.g. Residence Card, copy of marriage certificate, etc.).
  2. Valid identity document
  3. Documents specifying the property (copy of the land register, extract from the land register, list of land changes, zoning plan provisions, etc.).
  4. Current statement of the vendor expressing willingness to sell the property, including information about the property
  5. Documents confirming financial capacity and source of funds.
  • The examining authority has the right to request additional documents from the applicant during the examination of the application.
  • Documents in a foreign language must have their translation into Polish made by a sworn translator.
  • Documents must be sent in original or as a copy certified for conformity with the original by a notary public.

III. Stamp duty

The applicant shall pay the stamp duty prescribed under the Act with the submission of the permit application.

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Jakub Chajdas

Partner / Attorney-at-law

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