Law firm in Łódź

Law firm in Łódź

If you are looking for a mid-sized law firm in Łódź, you are in the right place. We are a close-knit team of experienced lawyers from Łódź who have one goal – to find an effective solution to even the most complex legal problems faced by our clients. Our lawyers in the law firm in Łódź have been closely cooperating with specialists from offices in the largest cities in Poland and reputable law firms abroad for many years. For over 10 years we have developed a coherent system that allows us to effectively support clients from all over the world.

Thanks to this, today we can proudly call ourselves one of the most modern law firms in Łódź and the region. We use our knowledge and unique experience on a national scale by advising on domestic and international transactions from various sectors of the economy. Since the beginning of our activity, we have provided support to over 1500 foreign investors and entrepreneurs from dozens of countries, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, as well as Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States.

We provide services in Polish, English, German and Italian.

What distinguishes us from other law firms in Łódź is a carefully selected team of specialists with various competences.

Over the last dozen or so years, Poland has grown into a leader among European countries in which foreign entrepreneurs want to invest their capital. Investors who do not know Polish realities expect comprehensive support, not only from the legal side, but also from the tax and accounting side.

In order to meet these expectations, we have created a team of outstanding specialists, which includes not only experts from various fields of law (advocates and legal advisors), but also accountants and tax advisors. This solution is a great convenience for our clients, because they do not have to look for experts on their own, which saves them time and money. Our law firm in Łódź is able to take care of every aspect of their business activity in our country, guaranteeing that all services are provided at the highest level.

Why is it worth working with our law firm in Łódź?

Our law firm in Łódź consists of over 50 specialists. Each attorney, legal advisor and accountant from our law firm in Łódź is a guarantor of the highest quality of services.

Cooperation with us gives you security and confidence that every aspect of your business is carried out in accordance with the law. Trust a proven team of lawyers in Łódź.

CGO Legal Chajdas Gawlak Owczarek sp.k. provides legal services in Łódź and throughout the country

Our clients include both international corporations, micro-entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. We provide the following legal services in Łódź and throughout Poland:

– registration of commercial law companies

– transformation of companies

– preparation of resolutions

– liquidation and declaration of bankruptcy of companies

– acquisitions and mergers of companies

– preparation and evaluation of contracts in international trade

– modeling and optimization of IT activities

Preparation and negotiation of contracts:

– preparation of draft contracts

– negotiating contracts

– giving opinions on contracts in terms of compliance with the law and the Client’s interest

– cooperation with notary offices in Łódź and throughout Poland

Lawsuits in Łódź and throughout Poland:

– preparation of pre-court requests for payment

– preparation of lawsuits

– representation before the court

– representation in the course of mediation proceedings

– concluding settlements before the court

– enforcement of court judgments

Law firm in Łódź. Employment and legalization of stay of foreigners in Łódź:

– selection of the right form of employment of foreign workers

– support in the relocation of employees and their families

– legalization of foreigners’ stay

– representation in the course of proceedings for granting a temporary residence permit of individual categories of employees and their families

Law firm in Łódź. Tax advisory in Łódź:

– professional help and support at every stage of running a business

– support in adapting business activity to the requirements of the New Polish Deal

– verification of compliance of documents and activities with applicable tax regulations

– contact and cooperation on behalf of the Client with the authorities during tax inspections

Accounting services in Łódź and throughout Poland:

– keeping the accounting books of limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, limited partnerships, representative offices, foundations or associations

– preparation of reports in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP or internal reporting standards of the Client

– accounting services for Clients keeping a revenue and expense ledger

– keeping records of fixed assets

– support in the process of VAT registration of the Customer

– keeping a VAT register of foreign companies registered in Poland

HR and payroll services in Łódź and throughout Poland:

– calculation of salaries and preparation of payrolls of employed employees

– preparation and settlement of mandate contracts and contracts for specific work

– keeping records of employees’ salaries

– keeping personal files of employees

– registration of employees in ZUS

– preparing and sending ZUS and PIT declarations for application and settlement purposes

– preparation of annual accounts of employees

– preparation of HR and payroll documentation

– keeping and updating HR documentation of employees

– preparation of employment and earnings certificates

If the above scope of services is interesting for you and you want to need legal assistance we encourage you to contact us. Lawyers from our law firm in Poland, Łódź, will be happy to help. If you are interested in company registration in Poland visit our dedicated landing page.

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