Debt collection in Poland

Debt collection in Poland

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Mariusz Plichta

Mariusz Plichta

Senior associate / Attorney-at-law
Debt collection in Poland

Are you looking for a law firm to assist you in debt collection matter in Poland?

Look no further, experts at our litigation department are here to assist you and efficiently recover your money from a debtor in Poland. Contact us today to receive a free quotation.

How do we deal with debt collection in Poland?

We represent clients in Polish court proceedings within the field of civil, economic, financial, labour, administrative and intellectual property law.

Typical court disputes concern e.g. unpaid invoices, recovery of receivables, and obtaining compensation or redress.

Scope of debt collection service

As part of our lawsuit services we:

  • address demand letter to debtor and negotiate debt repayment terms;
  • prepare requests to commence enforcement proceedings (preceded by court proceedings) and other documents required during the process.
  • supervise the correct implementation of the execution process from the assets of indebted persons;
  • support bailiffs’ operations in order to fully satisfy a creditor;
  • represent clients in the proceedings stemming from complaints against the bailiff’s operations.
Debt recovery in Poland - risk assessment

Due to the value of the subject matter of cases conducted by our law office, we have purchased an extended civil liability insurance package.

To ensure effective debt recovery in Poland, we also submit motions for a court-ordered disclosure of the debtor’s assets (i.e. submission of an inventory of such assets, listing all property items and their location, as well as all of the debtor’s receivables and other proprietary rights), especially if the debtor’s assets seized in the enforcement proceedings are not likely to satisfy the debt subject to recovery.

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Expert services of debt collection in Poland

Our team of Polish lawyers has extensive experience with the legal procedure for debt collection as per the Polish Civil Procedure Code. We ensure each stage of the process, from pre-trial proceedings to enforcement of judgment, is handled with meticulous care.

Our team drafts and reviews legal documents, provides guidance on evidence collection, represents you in court, and assists with the enforcement of the judgment. We strive to manage legal proceedings effectively and in a timely manner, advocating for your best interests.

Debt collection lawyers in Poland. Efficient debt recovery in Poland

Thanks to our long-lasting cooperation with the network of court enforcement officers (bailiffs), we collect the debts swiftly and efficiently. We keep the Client updated by providing periodic reports on all the actions taken in his case.

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Communication with our clients is the key for success of the proceeding

In CGO Legal we bet on smooth communication. With our online platform, you can track the current collection process and receive your money as soon as the debt is recovered.

When the case is more complex we synchronize the customer’s database with ours, to assure quick and efficient transfer of documents. Above all, we offer quick contact and reliable support from the attorney in charge of the case.

Stages of debt collection in Poland

Our team has many years of experience in delivering high-quality work in all matters relating to debt recovery in accordance with Polish law. Our in-depth and detailed knowledge stays up to date, to perform the best service possible. CGO Legal law firm in Poland provides comprehensive debt recovery on behalf of our Clients during:

– Pre-litigation Stage

– Litigation Stage (court proceedings)

– Enforcement Procedure

Most of the cases are successful and finished at the amicable – out-of-court phase. However, court debt collection is our standard service.

Debt recovery in Poland - payment
Debt recovery in Poland

Are you looking for efficient debt collection in Poland?

Should you wish to discuss your case further, please do not hesitate to contact us. CGO Legal is an experienced legal partner with whom the achievement of your goals will be faster, safer and more comfortable.

Our goal extends beyond just recovering your debts. We aim to maintain positive business relationships, uphold the rights of debtors, and safeguard your business reputation. Our expertise is at your service to navigate the debt collection procedure efficiently and successfully, fostering financial stability for your business.

FAQs on debt collection in Poland

What types of clients does CGO Legal assist with debt collection in Poland?

We assist natural persons, entrepreneurs, and national and local government bodies.

What services are included in CGO Legal’s debt collection process?

Our services include sending demand letters, negotiating repayment terms, preparing enforcement requests, supervising execution processes, and representing clients in related legal proceedings.

What makes CGO Legal’s approach to debt collection in Poland effective?

Our approach combines extensive legal expertise with a network of court enforcement officers and bailiffs, ensuring swift and efficient debt recovery.

How does CGO Legal handle complex debt collection cases?

For complex cases, we synchronize the client’s database with ours for efficient document transfer and provide dedicated attorney support.

What stages are involved in CGO Legal’s debt collection process?

Our process includes the pre-litigation stage, litigation stage (court proceedings), and enforcement procedure.

Can CGO Legal handle out-of-court debt collection?

Yes, we often resolve cases amicably in the out-of-court phase, saving time and money for our clients.

What technology does CGO Legal use for debt collection?

We use advanced software solutions and data analytics to track payments and assess debtors’ creditworthiness.

How does CGO Legal ensure client communication during the debt collection process?

We use an online platform for clients to track the collection process and receive updates on their cases.

What types of disputes does CGO Legal handle in debt collection cases?

We handle disputes involving unpaid invoices, recovery of receivables, and obtaining compensation or redress.

How does CGO Legal ensure the success of debt collection in Poland?

Our strategy includes thorough pre-litigation efforts, expert legal representation, and leveraging technology for efficiency and transparency.

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Mariusz Plichta

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