Debt collection in Poland

Debt collection in Poland

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Mariusz Plichta

Mariusz Plichta

Senior associate / Attorney-at-law

Do you need a professional, stress-free way to collect your debt in Poland? Your case is in perfect hands with CGO Legal. You can be sure, that we will initiate and perform all necessary steps at all stages of debt collection against the debtor in Poland. The litigation department of CGO Legal specializes in providing efficient and result-oriented services. We represent our clients before courts in all instances, including the Supreme Court.

Thanks to our long-lasting cooperation with the network of court enforcement officers (bailiffs), we collect the debts swiftly and efficiently. We keep the Client updated by providing periodic reports on all the actions taken in his case.

Our team has many years of experience in delivering high-quality work in all matters relating to debt recovery in accordance with Polish law. Our in-depth and detailed knowledge stays up to date, to perform the best service possible. CGO Legal provides comprehensive debt recovery on behalf of our Clients during:

– Pre-litigation Stage

– Litigation Stage

– Enforcement Procedure

Most of the cases are successful and finished at the amicable – out-of-court phase.

Costs of debt collection in Poland

While we take effective action, you can also be reassured by our price list. We offer transparent, upfront costs. Every client is treated individually and gets a tailor-made offer. Depending on the circumstances, we can act on a conditional fee agreement because we are sure of our professionalism. Billing on a success fee basis guarantees you the lowest cost and the highest result, creating a win-win scenario for you. Please contact us for more about our remuneration policy, which also includes hourly rates, fixed monthly payments, or unit prices according to our detailed table of charges.

Communication with our clients is the key to smooth process of collecting the debt in Poland

In CGO Legal we bet on smooth communication. With our online platform, you can track the current collection process and receive your money as soon as the debt is recovered. When the case is more complex we synchronize the customer’s database with ours, to assure quick and efficient transfer of documents. Above all, we offer quick contact and reliable support from the attorney in charge of the case.

Our actions are goal-oriented

Our goal is to solve every problem of our clients in the fastest and the most effective way. Therefore, before initiating a lawsuit, we strive to end the dispute at the pre-litigation stage, which saves not only time but also money.

Such effect is obtained usually through mediation, negotiations and arbitration proceedings as long as such a solution is favourable for the client.

However, if the lawsuit is necessary, we represent, support, and prepare our clients with regard to all aspects related to the proceedings.

We address our services to:

  • natural persons who do not conduct business activity;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • national and local government bodies

How do we deal with debt collection in Poland?

We represent clients in court proceedings within the field of civil, economic, financial, labour, administrative and intellectual property law. Typical court disputes concern e.g. unpaid invoices, recovery of receivables, and obtaining compensation or redress. As part of our lawsuit services we:

  • address payment requests to debtors and negotiate debt repayment terms;
  • prepare requests to commence enforcement proceedings and other documents required during the process.
  • supervise the correct implementation of the execution process from the assets of indebted persons;
  • support bailiffs’ operations in order to fully satisfy a creditor;
  • represent clients in the proceedings stemming from complaints against the bailiff’s operations.

Due to the value of the subject matter of cases conducted by our law office, we have purchased an extended civil liability insurance package.

Are you looking for efficient debt collection in Poland?

Should you wish to discuss your case further, please do not hesitate to contact us. CGO Legal is an experienced legal partner with whom the achievement of your goals will be faster, safer and more comfortable.

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Mariusz Plichta

Mariusz Plichta

Senior associate / Attorney-at-law

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