Global mobility services – what are they?

Global mobility services – what are they?
Karolina Gradowska-Kania

Karolina Gradowska-Kania

Head of the Global Mobility and HR department

Global mobility services are pivotal in today’s interconnected world, where businesses increasingly operate across borders. These services facilitate the lawful relocation and employment of workers from various countries, navigating the complexities of differing regulations, including tax and labor laws, and legalization of foreign stay.

As the labor market evolves and the freedom of movement expands, the demand for expert guidance in employing foreigners in Poland has surged. Our law firm stands at the forefront of this dynamic field, offering comprehensive support to both employers and employees, irrespective of their EU or non-EU origins.

Our focus is on ensuring the safety and legal compliance for all parties involved in the employment relationship. We assist HR departments and foreign employees in obtaining essential documentation, analyze labor law implications, prepare relocation procedures, and manage relocation costs.

Our expertise extends to examining employment costs in different countries, considering various work arrangements and presenting cost-effective solutions. CGO Legal, with its dedicated Global Mobility department, offers a spectrum of global mobility services, tailored to the specific needs of employers and foreign workers.

Our experience spans a range of challenges associated with hiring and legalizing the stay of both EU and non-EU citizens, ensuring a thorough, transparent legal analysis, and a professional approach to every aspect of global mobility.

As part of global mobility services, our law firm supports employers and employees. We help both EU and non-EU citizens. We care about the safety of both parties to the employment relationship, therefore we:

  1. help HR departments and foreign employees in obtaining residence documents and work permits.
  2. thoroughly analyze regulations regarding labour law, health care, and insurance for foreigners.
  3. prepare a safe employee relocation procedure. We check the necessary regulations on the process of crossing the border by a foreigner, including entry documents (e.g. passport).
  4. analyze the costs of relocation, including expenses related to moving a foreigner from another country. We also verify the costs of employee maintenance (including accommodation and education). This allows us to present the most advantageous solutions.
  5. examine the type and scope of costs associated with employing a worker in another country. We consider factors such as the employer’s organizational form and other work arrangements (e.g. remote work, full-time). We verify and compare costs that the process will generate for both parties.
  6. prepare a list of potential expenses related to employing a foreign worker. The overview includes tax amounts and costs of travel across the border. We verify regulations in force and present the most advantageous solutions.

CGO Legal specializes in providing global mobility services. We have developed a separate department of experts in providing services in the field of labour law and legalization of employment and stay of foreigners in Poland – CGO Mobility.

Many years of experience have allowed us to provide a full range of global mobility services. They are tailored to the individual needs of employers and foreign employees. We have experience in solving problems related to hiring employees and legalizing the stay of EU and non-EU citizens. We can guarantee:

  • a thorough and transparent legal analysis,
  • safety during preparation of the procedure for legalization of the stay and employment of foreigners,
  • professional approach.

We invite you to contact us about our services and to read our publications.

Global Mobility services FAQs

What are global mobility services?

Global mobility services involve the legal process of relocating and employing workers across different countries, adhering to various domestic and international regulations.

How do global mobility services assist employers and employees?

These services help with obtaining residence documents, work permits, analyzing labor law, healthcare, insurance, preparing relocation procedures, and managing associated costs.

What are the challenges of employing a foreign worker in Poland?

Challenges include navigating tax and labor laws, obtaining necessary documents, and ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

What is the importance of preparing a safe employee relocation procedure?

A safe relocation procedure ensures legal compliance, smooth transition, and minimizes risks associated with crossing borders and settling in a new country.

How are the costs of relocating a foreign worker analyzed?

Costs are analyzed considering moving expenses, maintenance (like accommodation and education), and comparing these to ensure the most advantageous solutions.

What expenses are associated with employing a worker in another country?

Expenses include organizational form costs, remote work arrangements, and other work-related expenses.

What is included in the list of potential expenses for employing a foreign worker?

This list covers tax amounts, travel costs, and verifies regulations to present the most advantageous solutions.

What expertise does CGO Legal offer in global mobility services?

CGO Legal specializes in labor law, legalization of employment and stay of foreigners, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to individual employer and employee needs.

What guarantees does CGO Legal offer in global mobility services?

CGO Legal guarantees thorough and transparent legal analysis, safety in the legalization procedure, and a professional approach.

Who can benefit from global mobility services?

Both EU and non-EU citizens looking to work in Poland, HR departments managing foreign employment, and employers seeking to hire internationally can benefit from these services.

How does CGO Legal ensure compliance in global mobility services?

By thoroughly analyzing regulations regarding labor law, health care, insurance, and ensuring all procedures align with current legal standards.

What makes CGO Mobility unique in providing global mobility services?

CGO Mobility’s years of experience, specialized expertise, and tailored approach make it a leader in providing comprehensive global mobility solutions.

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