Grants for trademark registration in Poland 2023

Grants for trademark registration in Poland 2023
Piotr Owczarek

Piotr Owczarek

Partner / Attorney-at-law

On January 23, another edition of the co-financing program for small and medium-sized enterprises from the European Union was launched. The aim of the program is to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in protecting their own brand and securing their intangible rights.  From this post you will find out who and under what conditions can apply for funding for trademark registration in 2023.

What can I get funding for?

Funds from the European Union can be obtained for two categories of activities – initial IP diagnostics and applications and registration of trademarks (trade names, logos, etc.) and industrial designs (design protection).

What is the maximum grant amount?

The maximum amount of co-financing for one company is EUR 1,000, which is EUR 500 less than last year.

What are the conditions for obtaining funding?

The condition for joining the program is:

  • being an active VAT payer and
  • compliance with the EU definition of small and medium-sized enterprise.

Entities that benefited from funding in previous years can apply for it again in this year’s call.

Deadline for submitting applications for funding

Grant applications may be submitted until the entire envelope (EUR 25 million for the whole Union) has been allocated or until 8 December 2023 at the latest.

Where to apply for funding for trademark registration?

Applications for funding are submitted online via the website of the European Union Intellectual Property Office. A direct link to the submission page can be found here.

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Piotr Owczarek

Partner / Attorney-at-law