Mobility package

Mobility package

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Employee global mobility and business relocation package offered by our corporate and mobility departments enables our corporate clients to employ foreigners in effective and legally compliant manner. At our Mobility department our lawyers and specialists for over 10 years have provided complex assistance in all the matters related to relocation of foreign employees and businesses to Poland.

Mobility & HR play a crucial role in every major workplace. In order to ensure the smooth flow of processes and operations of the company, it is necessary to take care of its internal regulations and procedures that will make the company operate in accordance with the law.

CGO Legal office has a long-time experience in providing legal assistance for employers who struggle with various legal problems. We are experts in the broadly understood mobility & HR areacovering issues concerning:

  • labour law (individual and collective);
  • preparation of the company’s internal regulations and statutes (work regulations, rules of remuneration, remote work regulations);
  • representation of employers before labour courts and National Labour Inspectorate;
  • preparation of employment agreements and civil law agreements together with interrelated contracts (e.g. NDA, non-competition agreements);
  • verification of the efficiency of compliance departments.

Thanks to the cooperation with the office for foreigners operating within the CGO Group (CGO Immigration), we also provide comprehensive support in the area of legalizing the stay and work of foreigners in Poland – if you want to know more, visit

What is mobility & HR consulting at CGO Group?

In addition to ensuring the workplace’s consistency with the law, we also take care of issues related to the broadly understood HR service. As part of mobility & HR services, we control the compliance of the maintained employee files with the current regulations. We also verify the possibility of concluding contracts of mandate or contracts of specified work as well as the correctness of their settlement.

On behalf of our clients, we analyze the legal and business implications of signing a given contract and assess the potential risks associated with it. In addition, we offer assistance in preparing internal sources of labour law and employee documentation for the purpose of inspection by the National Labour Inspectorate.

We represent employers in court disputes with employees. We provide ongoing legal assistance and prepare pleadings. With the help of our experienced attorneys-at-law, the client may be sure that his or her interests are protected with due diligence.

Employers who are facing a difficult decision to proceed with individual or group dismissals can also count on our assistance. We will make sure that the entire process is carried out in accordance with the law, provide the necessary representation during negotiations with trade unions and prepare the appropriate documentation.

With our help, you will make your onboarding process much more efficient!

If your company needs legal support in the field of mobility & HR, do not hesitate to contact us. We will verify the available solutions and help you choose the one that will be the most effective in a given situation.

We will assist you with:

  • legalization of stay
  • legalization of work
  • visa assistance
  • complex VIP relocation assistance
  • business purpose TRP
  • complete business relocation

Legalization of stay and work of foreigners in Poland

Mobility package is addressed not only to employers who are willing to take advantage of Polish regulations enabling fast track legalization procedures for eastern european citizens, but also to corporations consiting of multi-national staff operating between branches and subsidiaries all around the globe. For more details please visit or contact us directly.

Do you need assistance in relocation of workers to Poland?

Should you wish to discuss your case further, please do not hesitate to contact us. CGO Legal is an experienced legal partner with whom the achievement of your goals will be faster, safer and more comfortable.

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