Electronic signature Poland (ePUAP). How to obtain qualified electronic signature in Poland?

Electronic signature Poland (ePUAP). How to obtain qualified electronic signature in Poland?
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How to get and electronic signature Poland (ePUAP). And what for is Trusted Profile?

How to obtain a qualified electronic signature in Poland? In this article you will find out why it is important to have them, and how to obtain them.

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Electronic signature Poland (ePUAP). Trusted Profile for a foreigner in Poland – what is it?

A trusted profile is a free method of confirming a person’s identity. It was created in the systems of public entities.

The user of a trusted profile can be any natural person who has full or limited legal capacity and a PESEL number. This also applies to foreigners, as long as they have a PESEL number. This results from Appendix 1 to the Regulation of the Minister of Digitization of 29th June 2020 on the trusted profile and trusted signature.

Electronic signature Poland (ePUAP). Why do you need to obtain PESEL number first?

The main reason why a foreigner is assigned a PESEL number is to identify the person and their information in national systems.

The PESEL number is used in many areas of life, such as:

  • Tax payments, where the PESEL number identifies taxpayers in the system and helps to process payments.
  • Education, where the PESEL number is used in the recruitment process for schools and universities. It also enables storing data about students.
  • Pensions and social benefits, where the PESEL number helps to identify individuals entitled to pensions and other social benefits.

It is important to remember that the PESEL number is sensitive data. You should protect it from unauthorized access. The use of the PESEL number by third parties can lead to abuse.

Electronic signature Poland (ePUAP). Trusted Profile for a foreigner in Poland – what is it needed for?

Thanks to a trusted profile (Electronic signature Poland), you can:

  • confirm your identity in electronic administration systems,
  • sign documents with a trusted signature.

A trusted profile is a tool that allows for the identification of a person when dealing with official matters online. The data assigned to the profile include first and last name, date of birth, and PESEL number. This means that each person can have only one unique trusted profile.

A user of a trusted profile can also use it to sign any electronic document with a trusted signature. The signature is an integral part of a person’s trusted profile. A trusted signature, confirmed by a trusted profile, replaces a handwritten signature in contacts with public entities.

Additionally, a trusted profile is connected with the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP). By using a trusted profile, a foreigner can thus log in to the electronic service of a specific office.

With a trusted profile, a foreigner can:

• send online e-forms provided by a given office,

• submit any documents to offices that use the ePUAP platform,

• gain access to a catalog of matters that can be handled through ePUAP.

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Electronic signature Poland (ePUAP). How to obtain qualifies electronic signature in Poland?

There are 3 ways to create an Electronic signature Poland (ePUAP) for a foreigner in Poland:

  1. Through an online form that should be filled out on the Trusted Profile website.
  2. Using an internet account (bank or Polish Post – envelo).
  3. Using an e-ID, which is a personal ID card with an electronic layer.

In the first method, a foreigner should enter his personal data on the Trusted Profile website. They must include first name, last name and PESEL number. One must register the completed form and then:

  • confirm it personally by visiting an office or service point
  • confirm it online with an electronic qualified signature

Identity providers are entities that are authorized to confirm a Trusted Profile. They verify customer data when setting up their accounts. By using their services, a foreigner no longer has to confirm anything in person at the office. They can create a Trusted Profile through an internet account.

A trusted profile can also be created using an e-ID. It has a built-in chip that contains all the foreigner’s data. To use this option, you must connect a special reader to the computer that allows reading the data. You will also need the appropriate software.

Electronic signature Poland (ePUAP). Summary

For foreigners who live and work in Poland and use various social benefits, a PESEL number and Trusted Profile are essential. They allow for handling various formal matters. Among them you can find applying for benefits, registering a company, opening a bank account, or obtaining health insurance.

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